TicTacTeam FAQ

Here is a selection of frequently asked questions about this app.

1. For which platforms is TicTacTeam available?

TicTacTeam is available for iOS, only for iPad.

2. Is there an Android version of the App?

No, there is no Android version yet.

3. Is there an smartphone (e.g. iPhone) version of the App?

No, there is no smartphone version yet.

4. How can I see TicTacTeam in the App Store?

You can only find TicTacTeam in the App Store of the devices for which it is available. So, currently you can only find TicTacTeam if you search in the App Store on an iPad. However, you can always find TicTacTeam if you search within the app section of iTunes or if you use the following hyperlink https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/tictacteam/id973996908.

5. Will there be a version for Android tablets, or smartphones, soon?

Because we think user experience is very important, we first want to further improve the iOS version, before we move on to other platforms and devices.

6. How do I find a team player?

If you know someone with an iPad you can ask him or her to install TicTacTeam as well. If both of you start the app you will be asked both to login to the GameCenter, after that you will be automatically connected.

7. How do I install TicTacTeam?

First check whether you have connection with the internet and whether iOS version 8 or higher is installed on your iPad. Next, download TicTacTeam from the App Store. https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/tictacteam/id973996908.

8. How do I start a TicTacTeam play?

Start the app on your iPad. The first time you start the app you will be asked to login to the GameCenter. Use your own GameCenter account or create one. When your coplayer starts the app he or she will have to do the same. You thus both login with a different GameCenter account. Select both the same level. The first time you use the app this will probably be level one from the “Beginner” series. Next, press the button “Play now” approximately simultaneously. The connection between you and your coplayer will be automatically set and remains active until you close TicTacTeam.

9. Am I allowed to talk during the play?

We advise you not to talk during the game.Try to only communicate via the screen. The fun of playing TicTacTeam is partly there because you have to help each other by collaborating creatively, and you have to explore how you can make the goal of each puzzle clear to your coplayer in a fun way. Therefore agree not to make any noises or gestures. You can even both physically go to a different area!

10. Am I allowed to look at my coplayer’s screen?

We advise you not to look at your coplayer’s screen. The fun of playing TicTacTeam is partly there because it remains initially hidden how you can help each other best. You will discover this gradually. Therefore try not to look at each other’s screens.

11. We were disconnected during the play, what to do?

Sometimes it can happen that you loose the connection with your coplayer, e.g. because the WIFI is disconnected. You will notice this because you no longer see the actions of your coplayer on your own screen, and you will also not see the green circle appearing on his or her side (on your own iPad). If TicTacTeam does not signal you that you have lost the connection, try to warn your coplayer yourself. Restart both TicTacTeam and repeat the steps described below question 8.

12. What is the best way to play TicTacTeam? Is there a manual?

To discover how TicTacTeam exactly works is part of the fun. You discover playfully how you can control TicTacTeam and how you can collaborate in solving the puzzles. This joint exploration is what makes TicTacTeam partly so much fun. But if you nevertheless can't figure out how the game works, you can download a manual (only in Dutch) here.

13. I want to play TicTacTeam with my family, but we all installed it with the same Apple ID. Now what?

When you play TicTacTeam, you will be asked to login to the GameCenter. This determines which player you are. The sign-in for the GameCenter can be the same or different from the Apple ID that is entered in the rest of the settings for the iPad (i.e. for iCloud, and iTunes and App Store). On two iPads, it's thus possible to login to the GameCenter with two different user accounts while you share the same Apple ID for the rest, and also with a different user account (e.g. an Apple ID account without credit card) than you used for installing the app. In future versions of iOS, multi-user support will be added for iPad uses in schools.