The Theory of Language Meetings are meetings reflecting the research interests and projects at the Language in Interaction Consortium. For each meeting there will be an invited speaker, and discussions open to topics including (but not limited to) language structure (e.g., morphology, syntax), semantics, pragmatics, multimodality, also from a cross-linguistic, developmental, neurocomputational perspective (and more!).

Next meeting: 27th January 2023 14:00-15:30, MPI Room 163

We will host Dr. Bob van Tiel, who will give a talk “Meaning and use in the expression of quantity and probability”.

One of the central insights of modern pragmatics is that we convey information not just by what we say, but also by what we choose not to say. In this talk, I present three experimental studies investigating how neurotypical and autistic speakers navigate the space of possible utterances when describing quantities and probabilities. I provide a computational model that offers a cognitively grounded account of speakers’ production choices in these experiments. Finally, I discuss what these studies tell us about linguistic meaning and language use, pragmatics in autism, and the role of computational modelling.

We invite you for an informal get-together at 13:45, with coffee and cake.

We hope for a high attendance!

Previous meetings:

25th November 2022 14:00-15:00: Prof. Asli Özyürek gave a talk on multimodal grammar.

Dates of future meetings in 2023:

24th February

24th March

28th April

26th May

16th June