SynQuiz FAQ

Here is a selection of frequently asked questions about this app.

1. For which platforms is SynQuiz available?

SynQuiz is available for iOS and Android. It's also possible to play SynQuiz online via the browser.

2. For which devices is SynQuiz available?

SynQuiz can be used on tablets and on smartphones. However, it's also possible to play SynQuiz online via the browser on PC or mobile devices.

3. Do I really need to install an app to play SynQuiz?

No, it's also possible to play SynQuiz online via the browser.

4. How can I apply for the ongoing genetic studies?

There are two possibilities: First, take the full Letter & Numbers test within SynQuiz. When you are finished you can register by entering your contact information and providing consent to participate. Subsequently your contact information and the results of this test will be sent to the study database (note that we don't send the results of the other 3 tests). Second, you can participate via our study web site.

5. I applied for the genetic studies using SynQuiz. How do I know that my registration was successful?

If your information was sent successfully, SynQuiz shows a message that your registration is complete. Your contact information as well as the results of the full Letters & Numbers test are now stored in the study database. You will receive a confirmation at the e-mail address you provided during registration. If your type of synesthesia is suitable for the study, you will be recontacted later.