Societal impact

The Societal Impact work package provides the infrastructure for knowledge utilization, so that research outcomes can be translated into applications for society in domains such as education, health, and new media.

Examples of possible value creation are:

  • Dissemination of scientific knowledge to the general public
  • Mobile apps with commercial or social value
  • Serious games such as for e-learning, coaching or therapy
  • Software applications for patients
  • Release of open source software
  • Creation of IP as a basis for development of products in industry
  • Validation of scientific knowledge for clinical settings, such as patient tests
  • Development of standards or protocols

To enable this, the Societal Impact work package will explore and participate in promising research lines in language research that can be applied in clinical or technological settings. For example, the Societal Impact work package has participated in several PhD projects:

  • Feedback loops in learning to perceive and produce non-native speech contrasts
  • Basal ganglia thalamocortical mechanisms of cognitive control in speaking 
  • Data driven investigation of intrinsic dynamic brainstates underlying language processing 

Further, the Societal Impact work package will develop showcase utilization projects. Also, it will take a leading role in providing support to all researchers in the consortium to help them to transform ideas, theories and inventions into products with commercial or social value, to coach them in identifying and designing applications, and to assist them in finding their way in the world of starting spin-offs, finding partners, and grant applications.

Societal Impact explores the creation of a variety of tools and resources, such as shaping a research infrastructure for language data and tools, setting up support for development of apps for mobile devices, setting up provisions for cloud computing facilities, or building expertise in business development, intellectual property (IP), product design, (scientific) programming, electronics, clinical protocols, and marketing.

People involved

Work Package Leader

Prof. dr. Antal van den Bosch

Principal Investigators

Prof. dr. Bas Bloem (RadboudUMC)

Post Docs

Dr. Esther Steenbeek-Planting (Societal Impact Officer)


Julia Berezutskaya – PhD
Jana Thorin – PhD
Alessandro Lopopolo – PhD
Prof. dr. Peter Desain – Work Package Leader