Societal impact

Human language is the basis of culture and social life. A profound understanding of it is valuable to societal challenges that involve communication. For example, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, communication and meetings were held increasingly on-line. The Language in Interaction consortium utilized its expertise to give recommendations on how to optimize communication for on-line teaching and how to streamline conversations in on-line group meetings.

The Societal Impact work package connects the expertise of Language in Interaction to societal partners. In this way, research outcomes are translated into applications for society. The work package also supports the involvement of researchers in large collaborative grant proposals such as NWA and Horizon Europe.

The Societal Impact work package has participated in promising research lines in language research that can be applied in clinical or technological settings. The work package was also involved in several PhD projects:

  • Feedback loops in learning to perceive and produce non-native speech contrasts
  • Basal ganglia thalamocortical mechanisms of cognitive control in speaking
  • Data driven investigation of intrinsic dynamic brainstates underlying language processing

Some examples of applications are:

Team members

Prof. dr. Peter Hagoort
Work Package Leader
Programme Director
PI / Coordinator BQ2
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Dr. Esther Steenbeek
Coordinator (Societal Impact Officer)
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Julia Berezutskaya – PhD
Jana Thorin – PhD
Alessandro Lopopolo – PhD
Prof. dr. Peter Desain – Work Package Leader
Prof. dr. Antal van den Bosch – Work Package Leader
Dr. Pashiera Barkhuysen – Coordinating postdoc