Therapeutic app SimpTell

The web app SimpTell aims to support speech and language therapists in teaching Dutch-speaking persons with chronic Broca’s aphasia to produce reduced utterances (i.e., ellipses) to compensate for their sentence production difficulties. Ellipses resemble telegraphic style (e.g., Stroke last year. Speaking difficult. Producing short sentences only). A previous version of SimpTell, called the Dutch and adapted Reduced Syntax Therapy (eREST, Ruiter et al., 2010; Ruiter et al., 2016), was found to significantly enhance elliptical style in Dutch-speaking persons with chronic agrammatism and to improve daily communication. Similar to eREST, SimpTell seeks to support the repetitive drill practices that people with chronic aphasia need to create a new language production routine (i.e., elliptical style). That is, despite the language disorder, the tendency to start a full sentence is typically preserved, and the app helps to overcome this tendency. SimpTell is based on the newest insights on the role of executive functions in compensatory language production (e.g., Roelofs, 2014; Piai et al., 2016).

SimpTell is available for free at

Platforms: Web (tablet and pc)

Support: Manuals are available in Dutch for language therapists and persons with chronic Broca’s aphasia.