Neuroanatomical Foundations of Cognitive Computation Workshop

Date: 26 February 2019
Time: 09:30 – 17:30
Location: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, Seminar Room 163

Featured Speakers: Helen Barbas, Katherine Bryant, Chris de Zeeuw, Kevan Martin, ​Karl Zilles

Ultimately, human linguistic capacity is constrained by neurobiology, and modern efforts in the neurobiology of language can be largely summarized with the central question, "How does the brain create language?" With this foundational question, we establish the brain itself, its construction, topographical principles, and biomechanical and computational properties as central to our understanding of a singular evolutionary achievement and our shared focus of study. Language in Interaction is therefore pleased to host a workshop targeting human and comparative neuroanatomy. Invited experts representing a range of disciplines and perspectives within neuroanatomy will present and discuss their expertise with participants. The goal of this workshop is to establish a greater understanding of the different means of characterizing brain structure, and the consequences of different parcellation schemes on the understanding of brain function. 

This workshop will offer talks throughout the day and culminate in a panel debate. Talks will include discussion of comparative neuroanatomy, genetic properties of neurons, large scale organization of the brain, current viewpoints regarding basic computational units in the brain, and the role of laminar histological structure.

Space will be limited in order to encourage active interdisciplinary dialogue and to foster more direct interaction with the speakers. Anyone with a strong interest in how the brain’s organizing principles help shape and constrain human cognitive capacity is therefore highly encouraged to register quickly using this google form

Lunch (vegetarian and vegan) will be provided, and drinks will follow the workshop. Please direct questions to


9.30–registration opens  (coffee&tea served)  
10.00-10.15 – Welcome Speech  Peter Hagoort
10.15-11.10-  I talk Helen Barbas
11.10-11.30 – coffee break  
11.30-12.25– II talk  Karl Zilles
12h25-13h30 – lunch  
13.30-14.25 – III talk Kevan Martin 
14.25-14.35 –  break   
14.35-15.30 – IV talk Katherine Bryant 
15.30-15.50 – coffee break   
15.50-16.45 – V talk Chris de Zeeuw
16.45-17.30 – discussion panel (Q&A)  Roshan Cools
17.30-19.00 borrel   
20h00 Workshop Dinner  (speakers only)