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Julia Berezutskaya

WP 6 Toolkit and WP7 Utilization

I am a PhD student at the University Medical Center in Utrecht working with Nick Ramsey and Peter Desain. I hold 2 Master’s degrees: in Linguistics (from Moscow State University) and Cognitive Neuroscience (from University of Trento). As part of my second Master’s program I did a year-long internship at the Computational Cognitive Neuroscience lab of Donders Center for Cognition. I worked on decoding of conceptual information from fMRI activity patterns under supervision of Marcel van Gerven and Irina Simanova.  

Towards my PhD I now investigate cortical representations of language by applying data-driven techniques to ECoG data. As opposed to the classical approach with paradigms, I search unlabeled intracranial brain activity data for structures in language processing that occur during natural verbal interaction.

More information on Julia's PhD project.