Work Package 6


The focus of WP6 is to develop data analytical approaches that enable the scientific objectives of the other workpackages to be executed at the highest level of methodological sophistication and translated toward clinical utility. All workpackages face common and distinct challenges that pose exacting challenges for the analytical methodology, based in part upon the necessity of integrating diverse sources of complex and high dimensional data. These data sources include, but are not limited to:

  • Structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Magneto- and electroencephalography (MEG/EEG)
  • Molecular genetic /genomic data
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation data
  • Behavioural and demographic data

Workpackage 6 will develop analytical approaches to answer a range of experimental questions from these data sources in order to meet the requirements of the other workpackages. Crucially, all methods will account for the different statistical properties of each modality and will aim to make optimal use of the complementary information each contains. The analytical approaches provided by WP6 will also provide means of seamlessly incorporating existing knowledge of the neural and genetic mechanisms underlying language, wherever such prior knowledge is available. In addition, WP6 will provide specific tools useful for the unique analytical challenges faced by each of the other workpackages.

Workpackage 6 will build on the expertise in multivariate analysis within the consortium and will focus on the use of advanced probabilistic models that accurately quantify uncertainty throughout the analysis. It interfaces extensively with all other workpackages and will contribute tools that useful well beyond the scope of the project. Finally, WP6 will provide software tools implementing the methods developed as concrete deliverables.

People involved


Han Brunner (RadboudUMC)
Jan Buitelaar (RadboudUMC)

Principal Investigators

Christian Beckmann (RU)
Barbara Franke (RadboudUMC)
Ole Jensen (RU)
Roy Kessels (RU)
David Norris (RU)
Nick Ramsey (UMCU)


Nikki Janssen
Izabela Przezdzik
Lot Snijders Blok

Linda Drijvers (graduated May 13th 2019) 
Daniel Sharoh (graduated January 24th 2020)
Julia Berezutskaya (graduated April 14th 2020)