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Marpessa Rietbergen

WP4 Language in action

Marpessa Rietbergen is a PhD student in cognitive neuroscience at Radboud University in the Donders Centre for Cognition. She received her Bachelor in linguistics at the University of Florida, and completed her Research Master in linguistics at Utrecht University. With a strong interest in psycho- and neurolinguistics, she assessed executive control in ageing monolingual and bilingual individuals relative to grey matter volume in the caudate nucleus. 

Within the Language in Interaction Consortium, her research will continue to focus on the basal ganglia and the circuitry extending to the thalamus and cortical regions associated with mechanisms of executive control. She will assess executive functions that include updating, shifting, and inhibition and their involvement in speech production and other cognitive domains using functional and structural neuroimaging techniques. The aims of the project are to assess individual differences in executive control relative to dopaminergic genetic variation and neurodegeneration associated with Parkinson’s disease in the basal ganglia.

The project will expand our knowledge concerning executive processes involved in speech production, and how genetic variations and impairments influence language performance from a neurobiological, behavioral, and potentially clinical level.

More information on Marpessa's PhD project.