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Rens Bod

WP3 Compositionality and contextuality

Rens Bod is a full professor in Computational and Digital Humanities at the University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Science and Faculty of Humanities). He heads the Center for Digital Humanities.

Bod’s main expertise is in statistical and cognitive models of natural language processing, in particular the Data-Oriented Parsing model, where he was at the forefront in using statistical methods in computational linguistics. For his research he was awarded a VICI grant. He has published in internationally highly ranked journals such as Psychological Science and Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research. He has written four monographs, including the first overall history of the humanities (being translated into six languages).

As head of the Center for Digital Humanities Rens Bod has initiated 14 public-private partnerships in e-humanities. He has written extensively for a wider public in newspapers and popular magazines, and is a highly regarded speaker at various national and international occasions.

As one of the leading PI’s in WP3, his contribution is based on his expertise in computational models of language processing and acquisition.

 For more information on Rens Bod, please visit his personal website