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Merel Burgering

WP1 Speech perception and production & WP5 Language evolution and diversity

Merel Burgering is a PhD student at department of Cognitive Neuropsychology at Tilburg University. She obtained her Bachelor degree in Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam and holds a Master degree in Neurobiology (University of Amsterdam).

Her project aims to investigate perception of multidimensional sounds in humans and songbirds. Speech is multidimensional since spoken words contain multiple types of information. Humans can categorize spoken words for example based on vowel or speaker identity. To address the question if this categorization is unique to human speech perception or a more general property of vocal learners, she will compare humans and zebra finches, using similar behavioral tasks and speech stimuli. Using functional MRI, she will investigate whether these dimensions are represented in different higher-order brain areas and how these areas affect basic aspects of categorization.  

This project will provide new insides about the nature and origin of the processes by which humans extract and categorize information from speech.

More information on Merel's PhD project.