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Jean Vroomen

WP 1 Speech perception and production in interaction

Jean Vroomen is professor of Cognitive Science at Tilburg University, and Head of Department of Cognitive Neuropsychology at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Science, Tilburg University.

His research focusses on how information from different sense organs is combined so that a coherent representation of the world is obtained. He examines intersensory integration of auditory, visual, and tactile information in the spatial, temporal, phonetic, and emotional domain. Besides traditional behavioral methods, he uses ERPs and fMRI with neuro-typical participants, clinical groups (e.g., autism, dyslexia, schizophrenia), and infants.

Jean Vroomen places emphasis on the communication of research to a wider audience. He has written several tutorial reviews, and organized many conferences to promote cooperation among scientists.

Here you can find his personal website.