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Elia Formisano

WP 1 Speech perception and production in interaction

Elia Formisano is Professor of “Neuroimaging methods: Analysis of neural signals” and Principal Investigator of the Auditory Perception and Cognition research group at the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University. He is Scientific Director of the Maastricht Brain Imaging Center (MBIC).

His research aims at discovering the neural basis of human auditory perception and cognition by combining multimodal functional neuroimaging with methods of advanced signal analysis and computational modeling. He pioneered the use of ultra-high magnetic field (7 Tesla) functional MRI and machine learning in neuroscience studies of audition.

Elia Formisano seeks way for concrete applications of fundamental research results. He currently leads a project aimed at the realization of “smart”, brain-inspired hearing devices. Also, he is actively involved in science divulgation, e.g. through public lectures on how the human brain analyses real life sounds and music.

As a participating  Pi, Elia Formisano contributes to the WP1 of Language in Interaction through his neuroimaging research on the auditory/speech perception system.

For more information, please visit his personal website.