Workshop on Valorization

Held on November 16, 2015 at Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Description and aim

The LiI Valorization Work Package (WP7) and the Educational Team, in collaboration with the Nederlandse Orde van Uitvinders (NOVU), organize a valorization workshop on November 16th at the Max Planck Institute in Nijmegen.

This workshop covers the whole innovation process spanning from a first idea to ultimately bringing your product onto the market, including the pitfalls. The workshop will be applied to the domain of language (technology) and is interactive in nature.There is thus ample opportunity to ask questions and to present your own case study for obtaining feedback.
Further, an entrepreneur guest speaker – LiI member Nick Ramsey (UMC Utrecht) – will share his experiences in setting up a company related to LiI research.



Contact and Location

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Pashiera Barkhuysen
Phone: +31-24-3616069

Els den Os
Phone: +31-24-3521549

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Max Planck Institute for Psycholinquistics
Wundtlaan 1; Room 163
6525 XD, Nijmegen
The Netherlands


This workshop has been made possible through funding from the Language in Interaction Consortium.
Venue made available by Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics