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Esther Steenbeek-Planting

WP 7 Utilization

Esther Steenbeek is a postdoc knowledge utilization at the Donders Centre for Cognition in Nijmegen & Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.
Within the ‘Utilization’ work package she is responsible for disseminating research output from the Language in Interaction project through social relevant applications for health, education and new media.

After her study Psycholinguistics and Cognitive Neuroscience at the Utrecht University, her focus has been on the utilization of language research. This resulted in her being a project manager at the National Centre for Language Education (Expertisecentrum Nederlands) which is allied to the Radboud University. At the meantime, she obtained her PhD at the Behavioural Science Institute of the Radboud University at the department of Special Education. In her psycholinguistically oriented research she studied the consistency of reading errors in typically developing children and children with dyslexia. During her PhD she started her own research group with a subsidy of Onderwijs Bewijs, focusing on therapy for students with dyslexia in secondary education. Its effectiveness was studied in large randomized controlled trials.
Subsequently, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Behavioural Science Institute studying the effectiveness of different approaches to reading comprehension lesson in elementary education. With a larger team of researchers she developed reading comprehension lessons for children in Grade 4.
Based on her PhD research she as its intellectual inventor then coordinated the development of the reading game Letterprins. Letterprins is developed for for children learning to read and it won several prizes and awards and is available in the appstore.

Given her broad background in psycholinguistics, cognitive neuroscience and applied science of special education, she is enthusiastic about translating language research into practice, and thereafter implementing it in educational and healthcare settings.

You will find Esther Steenbeek’s personal website here.