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Alessandro Lopopolo

WP 7 Utilization & WP3 Compositionality and Contextuality

Alessandro Lopopolo is a PhD candidate at the Center for Language Studies of the Radboud University and at the IMPRS. He received a research MA in Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam and a MSc in Cognitive Science at the University of Trento. During his master thesis, he applied computational semantic models to the study of the organization of semantic memory in the brain. His focus was on studying how image-based and corpus-based vector space models differently predict pattern of brain activity recorded in an fMRI study.
Within the Language in Interaction consortium, Alessandro will develop an encoding/decoding pipeline for linguistic stimuli. The project aims to combine computational linguistics features extraction and neural decoding techniques. The encoding/decoding framework will be applied to fMRI and MEG datasets, acquired while subjects were presented with spoken narratives.
The coupling of computational linguistic features and brain activity will allow optimal probing of the spatial and temporal localization of how the linguistic properties of the stimuli are encoded in the human brain. This will provide a novel evaluation of different approaches in language representation and processing from a computational point of view using naturalistic stimuli.

More information on Alessandro's PhD project.