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Guillén Fernández

WP2 Semantic and conceptual basis of language

Guillén Fernández is professor for Cognitive Neuroscience at the Radboud University Medical Centre and director of the Donders Center for Neuroscience.

His area of research is human cognitive neuroscience in which he studies the brain basis of memory, emotion, and their interactions. He applies an interdisciplinary approach integrating cognitive neuroimaging, genetics, pharmacology and diverse clinical disciplines. His memory research focuses on probing the mechanistic underpinnings of memory formation and consolidation. For instance, he was the first, who studied the interaction of already existing memories with the formation and consolidation of new, related memories in humans.

Guillén Fernández puts much effort in translating the insight provided by his fundamental research into more applicable insight in medical care and education.

He is board member of the Language in Interaction consortium. As a participating PI, he tackles the question how semantic knowledge develops and is adapted by mnemonic operations like memory formation and consolidation.

For more information on Guillén Fernández, please visit his personal website.