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Ileana Camerino

PhD attached to Tenure Track: “Neuropsychology of Language and Language Disorders”

Ileana Camerino is a PhD student at Donders Center for Cognition. She completed the Research Master in Cognitive Neuropsychology at VU University in Amsterdam

Within the Language in Interaction Consortium, Ileana will investigate the role of cortical structures and white-matter pathways in language recovery following brain damage. She will study the impact of: 1) interhemispheric connectivity, 2) hippocampal integrity and 3) medial-lateral temporal connectivity on language function in neurologic population. This PhD project will employ diverse brain imaging analytical tools including diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and resting state fMRI.

The aim of the project is to give new inputs about the impact of cortical and white-matter lesions to language function. This is of crucial importance for developing better predictors of functional recovery and for determining therapeutic strategies.

More information on Ileana's PhD project.

Research Content
The notion that perisylvian neocortical regions support language function, obtained by cases of stroke patients with language deficits is well established. The majority of these patients suffered a middle cerebral artery stroke, damaging mainly cortical areas around the Sylvian fissure. Recently, however, evidence is accumulating that not only neocortical, but also non-neocortical areas (in particular, the medial temporal lobe) and white-matter pathways (in particular, corpus callosum) play a critical role in language function.

Groundbreaking characteristics
This project has an added value in several aspects. First of all, the project is innovative since it is the first to examine the contribution of functional connectivity and integrity of brain structures among and within the two hemispheres to word production in neurologic population. Secondly, this project will illuminate about the intersection between language production and executive function, which has not been investigated before.

Supervisors: Vitoria Piai (Tenure fellow), Roy kessels (WP6) and Frank-Erik de Leeuw (RadboudUMC).