PostDoc Projects

In our consortium five “Big Questions” (BQs) have been defined in which teams of researchers are collaborating to address collectively the key questions of our field that only a consortium of this nature can tackle. The BQs are considered as central to our understanding of the human language faculty, and questions where the LiI-members believe the consortium can make significant steps forward in answering them.
Within our five Big Questions several postdoc research associates have been assigned involved in establishing lines of work. These lines of research are grounded in their own Big Question, but create and promote new collaborations between LiI members, both within and across Big Questions.
Please follow the links below for more details on the work performed by our postdocs.

Big Question 1

Coordinating Postdoc: Luca Ambrogioni

Big Question 2

Coordinating Postdoc: Ashley Lewis

Big Question 3

Coordinating Postdoc: Mark Blokpoel

Big Question 4

Coordinating Postdoc: Florian Hintz

Big Question 5

Coordinating Postdoc: Xiaochen Zheng


Coordinating Postdoc: Esther Steenbeek-Planting