PostDoc Projects

To promote and enable coordinated, interdisciplinary research activities between all our members, each WP was assigned one coordinating postdoc at the start of the consortium. Next to this important coordinating role, the postdocs are involved in establishing their own lines of work. These lines of research are grounded in their own WP, but create and promote new collaborations between LiI members, both within and across WPs.
Please follow the links below for more details on the work performed by our coordinating postdocs.

Work Package 1 - Speech perception and production in interaction

Coordinating Postdoc: Frank Eisner

Work Package 2 - Semantic and conceptual basis of language

Coordinating Postdoc: David Neville

Work Package 3 - Compositionality and contextuality

Coordinating Postdoc: Gideon Borensztajn

Work Package 4 - Language in action

Coordinating Postdoc: Irina Simanova

Work Package 5 - Language evolution and diversity

Coordinating Postdoc: Hans Rutger Bosker

Work Package 6 - Toolkit

Coordinating Postdoc: Andre Marquand

Work Package 7 - Utilization

Coordinating Postdoc: Esther Steenbeek-Planting