PhD Project 32

Longitudinal normative modelling

PIs: Christian Beckmann (DCCN) and Jan Buitelaar (RUMC)
PhD-candidate: Christina Isakoglou
Start date: March 01, 2018

(last update 2019-07-01)

Research Content

This project aims at providing the methodological advances needed to enable drawing normative developmental trajectories of language variation skills. The methods development combines different levels of description (from biological and cognitive/clinical domain) and does so in a longitudinal fashion, building upon already existing, but for the moment only cross-sectional, tools. Contributions will be twofold.

1) Novel models will be provided for functional specialization in the brain of individual participants based on connectivity profiles, and
2) These techniques will be validated in large multi-modal population cohorts through the implementation of analytical strategies that allow quantifying reliability and reproducibility and, further, enhance sensitivity to subtle variations within and between functional brain signatures.

Progress 2018

The pre-processing and quality control of the dataset aimed to be used as a validation dataset for the purposes of the project is now complete for both time points. Progress has been made with relation to point 1 of the aimed contribution with the individual connectopic maps being established for the area of our choice. Further work will be needed to fully refine those and associate them with the available behavioural and clinical scores.

Groundbreaking characteristics

The aim is to demonstrate that normative trajectories of functional brain signatures are well validated for use in clinical as well as cognitive neuroscience for the purposes of describing subject-specific behaviours.