PhD Project 25

Language function in stroke and small vessel disease

PIs: VitorĂ­a Piai (Tenure Track), Roy Kessels (WP6), and Frank-Erik de Leeuw (RUMC)
PhD-candidate: Ileana Camerino
Start date: March 01, 2017

Research Content

This project will investigate the role of (sub)cortical structures and white-matter pathways in language recovery following brain damage.
Diverse brain imaging analytical tools will be exploited to examine the impact of 1) interhemispheric connectivity, 2) hippocampal integrity and 3) medial-lateral temporal connectivity on language function in neurologic population. Behavioural data will consist mainly of language-production tasks, such as verbal fluency. Neural data will comprise structural and functional neuroimaging (including DTI and rs-fMRI).

Groundbreaking characteristics

This project has an added value in several aspects. It is the first to examine the contribution of functional connectivity and integrity of brain structures among and within the two hemispheres to word production in neurologic population. Secondly, this project will illuminate about the intersection between language production and executive function, which has not been investigated before.


Project started in March 2017. Progress will be reported later in time.