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Atsuko Takashima

BQ4 – Variability in language processing and in language learning

Atsuko Takashima is a post-doctoral researcher at the Donders Institute for Cognitive Neuroimaging, within the Neurobiology of language department headed by Peter Hagoort.

As a member of the BQ4 strand A, together with the team, she will investigate the neural architecture that may vary across individuals when maneuvering language related cognitive processing. In the past, she had explored how the brain works to retain learned information using neuroimaging, mainly fMRI. From the memory perspective, she extended her research field to the neurocognition of language. She studied how newly learned words are represented in the brain, what associated information affects learning and retention, and what brain areas are used to remember new words. Recently, she investigated the neural networks involved in word and sentence production also using fMRI.

In this project, she will continue her work on elucidating neural networks of word, sentence and narrative level language processing, both for comprehension and production. The goal of the research is to identify whether and how individual differences in language use can be related to differences in the way our brain functions.

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