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Julia Berezutskaya

BQ1 - The nature of the mental lexicon: How to bridge neurobiology and psycholinguistic theory by computational modelling?

Dr. Julia Berezutskaya is the coordinating postdoc for Big Question 1. 

Previously, she completed her PhD with the Language in Interaction consortium at the University Medical Center in Utrecht working with Nick Ramsey and Peter Desain.

Julia Berezutskaya holds two Master’s degrees: in Linguistics (from Moscow State University) and Cognitive Neuroscience (from University of Trento). As part of her second Master’s program, she did a year-long internship at the Computational Cognitive Neuroscience lab of Donders Center for Cognition. She worked on decoding of conceptual information from fMRI activity patterns under supervision of Marcel van Gerven and Irina Simanova.  

In her PhD, she investigated cortical representations of language by applying data-driven techniques to ECoG data. As opposed to the classical approach with paradigms, she searched unlabeled intracranial brain activity data for structures in language processing that occur during natural verbal interaction. She defended her PhD on April 14th, 2020.