Tenure track positions

LiI created three tenure track positions. These positions offer a special opportunity for the very best young, creative and talented researchers from outside the research consortium to establish an independent research group financed by start-up funding for four years providing resources for the candidate itself, a PhD candidate, materials and consumables. In case the candidate fulfils the predefined criteria after the initial four years, he/she will be offered a tenured position guaranteed by the embedding partner institution and financed by matching, structural funding. As such, these positions promote development of researchers with high potential and long-term embedding of innovative language research into our partner institutions.
These positions are targeting very divergent fields of work, namely:

Tenure Track 1

Centre for Language Studies, Radboud University
“Computational psycholinguistics of sentence processing”
Starting date: August 01, 2015

Senior Researcher: Stefan Frank
PhD: Chara Tsoukala (PhD project #19)

Tenure Track 2

Institute for Logic, Language, and computation, University of Amsterdam
“Hierarchical structure in natural language: bridging computational linguistics, neurobiology and formal semantics”
Starting date: September 01, 2015

Senior Researcher: Willem Zuidema
PhD: Dieuwke Hupkes (PhD project #17)

Tenure Track 3

Donders Centre for Cognition and Donders Centre for Neuroscience, Radboud University
“Neuropsychology of Language and Language Disorders”
Starting date: June 01, 2016

Senior Researcher: Vitória Piai
PhD: Ileana Camerino (PhD project #25)