Several workshops have been organized by the members of our consortium targeting both researchers from in- and outside the consortium.

Neuroanatomical Foundations of Cognitive Computation (BQ2)” (February 26, 2019)
Big Question 1 Launch Event” (September 14, 2017)
Individual differences in language skills (BQ4)” (June 06-07, 2017)
Valorization” (November 16, 2015)
Reappraising the role of linear structure in language” (September 14-18, 2015)
Language Evolution and Diversity” (October 30-31, 2014)

All workshops, open to both internal and external participants, aimed to find common ground that connects the different questions, approaches and methodologies of (inter)national researchers through interdisciplinary interaction. Specific attention is given to the possibilities to utilize and valorize the scientific outcomes.