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Held on September 07, 2018 at Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


On July 01, 2018, the second phase of our Gravitation consortium officially started. High time to present the ongoing research initiated in our first phase! On September 07, 2018, Language in Interaction organises a one day event called “Proudly Presents”.14 PhDs will present their work and their most important findings. Presentations will cover the full spectrum of language research covering topics such as genetics, neuroscience, modelling, and (psyhco)linguistics.


Friday Sep 07, 2018NameTitle
09:30Peter HagoortIntroduction
09:40Linda DrijversHow do gestures enhance language comprehension?
10:05Dieuwke HupkesNeural networks, compositionality, and diagnostic classification
10:50Julia BerezutskayaData-driven investigation of brain states underlying language processing
11:15Tobias WinnerOptimal Sensorimotor Communication with Bayesian Receivers
11:40Daniel SharohWhole-brain Directed Connectivity During Reading with Laminar fMRI
12:05Arnold KochariProcessing symbolic magnitude information conveyed by digits, number words and scalar adjectives
13:15Iris van de PolCognition and Complexity: Logic-based Computational Models of Pragmatic Communication and Theory of Mind
13:40Merel BurgeringZebra finches can categorize vowel-like sounds on pitch and spectral envelope
14:05James TrujilloCommunicative intent and the production and comprehension of meaningful movements
14:45Lara TodorovaSharpening sensory predictions by linguistic primes
15:10Marvin UhlmannNeurobiological models and sentence processing
15:35Shruti UllasInfluence of lexical and audio-visual information on recalibration
16:15Marpessa RietbergenDisentangling Cognitive Control from Motor Control
16:40Jana KrutwigLearning a non-native vowel category
17:05Peter HagoortClosing
17:15Borrel and Barbeque 


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