Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of (inter)national researchers who are excellent representatives of our field, monitors the quality of our research and educational programme. It receives annual reports and meets with a representative group of LiI researchers every second year. On this basis it advises the Scientific Board of our consortium on the design and implementation of the research programme and on the achievement of its scientific aims.

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of eight members:
- Prof. dr. Karen Emmorey,
San Diego State University
Expertise: Sign Language, Multimodality
- Prof. dr. Peter Gärdenfors,
Lund University
Expertise: Cognitive Science, Semantics
- Prof. dr. Elena Grigorenko,
Yale School of Medicine
Expertise: Genetics
- Prof. dr. Edward de Haan (chair),
University of Amsterdam
Expertise: Neuropsychology
- Prof. dr. Ray Jackendoff,
Tufts University
Expertise: Linguistics
- Prof. dr. Tom Mitchell,
Carnegie Mellon University
Expertise: Machine Learning
- Prof. dr. David Poeppel,
New York University
Expertise: Cognitive Neuroscience
- Prof. dr. Núria Sebastián Gallés,
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Expertise: Language Acquisition and Perception