For all our research activities we aim for projects that are new, innovative, interdisciplinary, and of the highest scientific quality. Behind all research positions initiated there is the rationale that our consortium should be more than the sum of its parts, leading to research activities that go far beyond "business as usual".

PhD Positions

To reach our ultimate goal of getting insight into universality and variability of language(skills) by structured interaction between experts in all domains of language research, all PhD positions that are financed through the grant are distributed through an internal open competition. This keeps flexibility and quality of our consortium as high as possible. PIs directly involved in LiI are invited by the LiI scientific board to submit standardized, short research proposals for each call with two PIs as main applicants.

PostDoc Positions

At the start of the consortium each work package was assigned a postdoc position. These WP-postdocs are assigned a clear role in enabling coordinated research activities that exploit potential synergies by interdisciplinary research between all the Principal Investigators participating in Language in Interaction.
Next to this important coordinating role, the postdocs are involved in establishing their own lines of research.

Tenure Tracks and Junior PI Positions

We created four positions (three tenure tracks and one junior PI) that offer a special opportunity for the very best young, creative and talented researchers from outside the research consortium to establish an independent research group. As such, these positions promote development of individuals and long-term embedding of innovative language research into our partner institutions.