Job Opportunities

4 Postdoc and 5 PhD positions



In the future the Language in Interaction consortium will advertise a lot more positions.
Please check this page regularly for updates!
Big Questions
In the current elaboration of our Big Questions we so far advertized 3 postdoc and 2 Research Assistant positions.
PhD positions
We advertized a total of 22 PhD positions in three rounds (closing dates Feb 02, 2014 and Sep 30, 2014, and Oct 04, 2015, respectively)
PostDoc positions
At the start of the consortium we advertised 7 coordinating postdoc positions. One for each of our work packages. These 7 WP-postdocs are assigned a clear role in enabling coordinated research activities that exploit potential synergies by interdisciplinary research between all the Principal Investigators participating in Language in Interaction.
Tenure Tracks and Junior PI
We advertized three Tenure Tracks in two rounds (closing dates Oct 15, 2014, and May 17, 2015) and one Junior PI position (closing date April 17, 2017).