The Language in Interaction consortium was awarded a m€27.6 subsidy for two programme phases of 5 years each, within the NWO Gravitation programme. First phase (Jul2013-Jul2018) budget was m€16.7. On December 12, 2016, after an in-depth mid-term evaluation, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science informed us that she will continue funding for Language in Interaction for the second phase. Thus, we now present the budget allocation for the full 10-year period until July 01, 2023.

Financial organization

To formalize the consortium all PIs and their director/dean signed the LiI Consortium Letter in which the commitment of the PIs and their institutions to the consortium is secured. This letter describes the commitment, obligations and responsibilities of the PIs and their institutions and covers tax and legal matters within the consortium.

Day-to-day financial management is performed by the financial coordinator, under supervision of the programme director and assisted by the financial controller. As far as finances are concerned, they are the link between all involved institutes and the Scientific Board as well as NWO.

Financial tables

Granted budget

Realization and allocation 2018