Spinoz@Night 2014

Spinoz@Night is a night of science dedicated to the NWO-Spinoza Prize. In light of the 20th anniversary of the NWO Spinoza Prize, the highest award in Dutch science, Dutch TV will cover topics such as "20 years Spinoza Prize", "science and the future", and "limits in knowledge and exection". Some of the top scientists that received the NWO Spinoza prize in the past 20 years will join the discussion, including:

  • Physicist and Nobel Prize winner Gerard 't Hooft
  • Physicist Erik Verlinde
  • Migratory Bird Ecologist Theunis Piersma
  • Migraine expert Michel Ferrari
  • Neuroscientist Peter Hagoort
  • Environmental Technologist Mark van Loosdrecht.

In collaboration with cognitive neuroscientist Peter Hagoort (NWO-Spinoza Laureate 2005, and projectleader of Language in Interaction), the popular Dutch science magazine Quest developed a test.
We constantly judge other people by their appearance. But how does that work exactly? At the Spinoz@Night some striking results were presented.

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