New app: YVO

Yvo is available for free in the App Store (Dutch version, for iPad).

Learning how to build sentences with words. That is the purpose of the new language app Yvo, which is also good for old fashioned game entertainment. Yvo is similar to Scrabble or Wordfeud, but this time the players have words at their disposal which they must place on a joint digital game board in order to compose sentences. The app focuses on language lovers, but also on second language learners, pupils or patients with aphasia.

Yvo is intended to train syntax in a fun way. It’s a multi-user game where players can compose sentences using word-tiles. During the game players have to puzzle with words while using their creativity. Players also have to collaborate, and sometimes negotiate, during the play. Yvo is intended for people who want to evolve their sense for language.

Game logic
Each player has a shelf containing word-tiles drawn from a joint game-supply (dependent on number of players). The goal is to create a grammatical sentence by putting the word-tiles on the joint game board (fixed size). Whether a sentence is correct determine the players mutually!

The word-tiles can be changed for the inflection or the tense of the word. Further, Yvo can speak out loud the words or sentences, and players can look up the definition of a word. Like Scrabble, points are attached to different word-tiles and tiles count double when they are combined with different sentences. The game ends when the game-supply of word-tiles is empty after which the player with the most points is determined.

Practical information
Yvo can be played by two to nine players, sharing the same iPad as the game board. It’s also possible to play Yvo solo. Yvo is available for free in the App Store (Dutch version, for iPad).

Background information
Yvo is published within the Language in Interaction framework consisting of a series of language apps. The idea for Yvo was developed by researchers Peter Desain and Antal van den Bosch, leaders of the research utilization work package within the Consortium. A large donation from a private sponsor made the development of Yvo actually possible. The effectivity of Yvo for specific target groups will be investigated in the coming months.

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