LiI research team at Lowlands

Researchers Linda Drijvers (front) and James Trujillo (middle) observing two people using 3D communication.

For the fourth consecutive year scientists will be carrying out experiments at the Lowlands festival in Biddinghuizen. Ten research teams were selected from the submitted proposals and these teams will use Lowlands as a laboratory.

Talking in 3D
If you want to talk to someone at a noisy festival, you probably shout or use hand gestures. But is this the best way to get your message across? What features of your movements contribute the most to understanding language? And does it make a difference if the person you are talking to is looking at your eyes, hands or mouth? Linda and James want to test this by using 3D communication. Microsoft Kinect and eye tracking glasses will be used to follow speech and facial, eye and body movements while you talk to someone.
Lowlands Science
Lowlands Science is a popular part of Lowlands where scientific experiments are carried out during the festival. Every year Lowlands, BKB | Het Campagnebureau and New Scientist invite scientists to submit a research proposal.

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