JSMF grant awarded to Ole Jensen

The James S. McDonnell Foundation has approved an award for the project 'Brain Rhythms in Cognition'. This award represents an excellent opportunity to study the functional role of brain oscillations in collaboration with internationally leading groups. It entails a total of approximately $2.4 million and is received and shared by a group of excellent researchers:

1. Kia Nobra, Oxford University
2. Sabine Kastner, Princeton University
3 .Ole Jensen, Radboud University
4. Charlie Schroeder, Columbia University
5. Robert Knight, Berkeley University

International collaboration to understand brain oscillations

The emphasis is placed on on vertical integration over species. Aside from working towards common goals, the award also fosters international collaboration by allowing the awarded to exchange postdoctoral researchers with one another. At the Donders Institute, Professor Jensen will focus on alpha phase coding in the visual system with animal and human MEG data.

James S. McDonnell Foundation

The James S. McDonnell Foundation was established in 1950 with the goal to "improve the quality of life". The Foundation pursues this goal by supporting research, through scholarships and grant awards. According to their own history, the Foundation has awarded over $347 million in grants since their inception.

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