In memoriam: Pieter Muysken

Pieter Muysken was an international expert on the original languages of Ecuador, Bolivia and other parts of Latin America, such as Quechua. But he also worked on creole languages (Papiamento) and on the complex language situation in South Africa. Pieter was very much interested in code-mixing in bilinguals. He analysed these phenomena in, among others, Quechua-Spanish and Turkish-Dutch bilinguals in his ERC Advanced Grant on Languages in Contact. Pieter was always very generous in sharing his ideas with colleagues and the wider audience.

Pieter received many prestigious awards and recognitions for his scientific contributions. In 1998 he received the Spinoza Prize, the highest scientific prize in the Netherlands. In 2007 he was awarded with the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Academy Professorship Prize. In 2008 he acquired an ERC Advanced Grant. Pieter was professor of general linguistics at Radboud University and external member of the Max Planck Society.

Pieter Muysken died of cancer on Tuesday April 6, 2021. His friendly and supportive way of interacting with the members of our Language in Interaction Consortium will be deeply missed. 


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