Holst Memorial Lecture Award for Bas Bloem

In 2001, neurologist Bas Bloem founded the Parkinson Centrum Nijmegen (ParC), which he is also leading as director. Together with Marten Munneke he also set up ParkinsonNet. This innovative network aims to improve care by bringing medical professionals closer together and has already been awarded several times on the national and international level.


Bas Bloem was awarded the Holst Memorial Lecture Award for his innovations in medical care

Bringing science to society

Bloem's primary research focus lies on compensatory mechanisms in the brain that help Parkinson patients during walking and balancing. By informing patient care with scientific knowledge, he acts as source of innovation for medical care. His work was also recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, which elected him as 'national hero of medical care' in 2011. By now, Bloem has (co-)authored more than 410 peer-reviewed publications.

The Holst Memorial Lecture Awards are given yearly to scientists who know how to build a bridge between their findings and society. Bloem received his award on November 26 at Eindhoven University of Technology. At the event, he gave the Holst lecture 'Healthcare Networks need Technology and vice versa'.

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