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Stefan Frank

Tenure Track: “Quantitative approaches to language processing and use”

Stefan Frank is an assistant professor of psycholinguistics at the Faculty of Arts of Radboud University Nijmegen and holds an honorary position as senior research associate at the Department of Experimental
Psychology of University College London.

His research interests include sentence and narrative comprehension, computational cognitive modelling, computational linguistics, neural networks, multilingualism, embodied cognition, philosophy of mind, and
any combination of these. He currently investigates how probabilistic language models can account for (neuro)physiological measures of cognitive processing during language comprehension, and how structural
differences between language affect comprehension processes. In previous projects, he developed a non-compositional representation of the meaning of propositions and showed how it can be applied in models of inference during story comprehension, the retention of stories, the resolution of ambiguous pronouns, and incremental sentence comprehension. In addition, he studied the application of echo state networks to sentence processing, and investigated to what extent recurrent neural networks display syntactic and semantic systematicity in sentence processing and comprehension.
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