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Roy Kessels

WP 6 Toolkit

Roy Kessels is professor of neuropsychology at Radboud University Nijmegen (Donders Centre for Cognition) and clinical neuropsychologist at Radboud University Medical Center.

His research focuses on human memory and memory disorders, specifically examining spared and impaired memory systems (working memory vs. long-term memory; explicit vs. implicit learning) in ageing, dementia, stroke and diencephalic amnesia. In his research he combines a behavioural-neuropsychological approach with structural and functional neuroimaging.

Application of research outcomes in clinical assessment or in non-pharmacological interventions is an important part of his work. He has developed, updated and validated neuropsychological tests, such as the Location Learning Test, Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test and the Emotion Recognition Test. Also, he studies the efficacy of cognitive rehabilitation techniques (e.g., errorless learning) in patients with acquired brain injury or brain disease.

Roy Kessels is PI in WP6. For more information, please visit his personal webpage.