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Nick Ramsey

WP 6 Toolkit

Nick Ramsey, PhD, is Head of the cognitive neuroscience research program of the Department Neurology & Neurosurgery, University Medical Center Utrecht

The research program focuses on three topics. First, methods and technologies for imaging human brain function are developed and refined, with a focus on 7T MRI and high-density ECoG. Second, new solutions are developed and implemented for severely paralysed people to communicate. For this we develop soft-and hardware for Brain-Computer Interface implants in locked-in people, and conduct a pilot study where we implant our system in 5 locked-in people. We are currently performing proof-of-concept research on decoding inner speech for the next generation BCI implant, using 7T and ECoG. Third, we develop and implement automatic fMRI data analysis and interpretation for use in neurosurgical practise.

Utilization plays a key role in our research program, in that we test-fly neuroscience applications (eg the BCI implant, the fMRI processor) and stay with the research until commercialization. In this capacity I participate in WP 7 to promote valorization in LII

Participation in LII consists of participation in WP 6 and WP 7, contributing expertise in imaging technologies and valorization respectively.

You will find Nick Ramsey's personal website here.