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Peter Desain

WP7 Utilization

Peter Desain is professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Donders Centre for Cognition of the Radboud University Nijmegen.

His research focuses on Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs). He investigates how we can online tap the signals of the brain and use
them to reliably control devices that allow paralized people (such as people suffering from ALS) to communicate. Several innovative BCI
paradigms emerged from his lab. He also works on applications of a new technology for communicating over the internet, the 'chat-by-click'
technology, both for e-coaches and as tool for scientific experiments.

Peter Desain carries the utilization of scientific insights close to his heart; he co-founded several companies and is the main inventor of several patents. His utilization efforts have been recognized in several awards.  Desain is PI of the 'Utilization' work package (WP7) in the Language in Interaction consortium. As such, he works towards specific output of the consortium: the creation of value for society in the form of Apps, websites and services, therapies, protocols, and more.

More information can be found at Peter Desain's website