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Antje Meyer

WP 5 Language evolution and diversity

Antje S. Meyer  is a professor (bijzonder hoogleraar) at Radboud University and a director of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen.

Meyer is an experimental psychologist. She has worked on various aspects of psycholinguistics, in particular on word and sentence production and the relationship between visual-conceptual and linguistic processing. Her current research is primarily directed at understanding the relationships between comprehension and production processes and the origins of individual differences in linguistic skills in adults.

Whereas most experimental work in psycholinguistics has been carried out with students, Meyer and her team make every effort to engage speakers and listeners with more diverse backgrounds in their research. Through their active engagement in research, participants obtain a better understanding of psycholinguistics and research in general.  

Meyer's contribution to WP5 of Language in Interaction is based on her detailed knowledge of experimental psycholinguistics.

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