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Hans Rutger Bosker

WP 5 Language evolution and diversity

Hans Rutger Bosker is a post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen, within the Psychology of Language group of Antje Meyer.

His research focuses on the psychological mechanisms involved in speech production and perception. He investigates how listeners cope with the variation within the noisy speech signal (input) to achieve successful comprehension (percept). Furthermore, he is interested in how individual differences between speakers and listeners affect spoken communication. His work has covered such topics as the perception of disfluent, reduced, and whispered speech.

Hans Rutger Bosker emphasizes the importance of translating research into practice. For instance, some of his earlier work has focused on speech perception in patients with cochlear implants, and he is also involved in a proposal for designing a mobile phone App.

As a coordinating post-doc of WP 5, he aims to seek new collaborations between members of the consortium, and conduct new research that combines the expertise of different PIs.

For more information on Hans Rutger Bosker, please visit his personal website.