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Barbara Franke

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Barbara Franke is professor of Molecular Psychiatry at Radboud University Nijmegen, stationed at Radboud university medical center’s departments of Human Genetics and Psychiatry. She leads the Research laboratory for Multifactorial Diseases at the department of Human Genetics.

Barbara’s research focuses on the identification of genetic factors involved in cognitive disorders, especially ADHD, autism and dyslexia. In addition to gene-finding, she investigates pathways from genetic risk factor to phenotype – employing diverse approaches including bioinformatics, neuroimaging genetics, and animal models. 

Barbara Franke and her group are highly committed to communicating their research as broad as possible, enabling other researchers to use their methods and profit from their findings. Emphasis is also placed on translating the research to scientists in other disciplines and the general public, in presentations, on websites, and by participating in informative TV programs.

Barbara participates as a PI in WP6, where she uses her expertise and infrastructure of genetics to enable state-of-the-art research on language biology and disorders.

For more information on Barbara Franke, please visit her personal website.